Solidarity on Display

By | March 13, 2024

In their fight for a just contract, Local 600’s photojournalist members at Detroit’s WDIV have exemplified what it means to stand together in solidarity. Over the course of nearly a year, the members rallied together against their employer, Graham Media, in a fight against proposed takeaways to their jurisdiction and a proposed zero percent raise […]

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Making History

By | February 21, 2024

Vanessa Holtgrewe, a 15-year Director of Photography member in Local 600, has been making history her whole career. She was one of only two graduate students accepted into the UCLA School of Theater, Film & Television’s (TFT) first-ever cinematography track; she was the first female Director of Photography to help organize a major unscripted television […]

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Local 600 at FilmScape Chicago 2023 (Photo Gallery)

By | June 28, 2023

Hundreds of attendees stopped by Local 600’s booth at this past weekend’s FilmScape Chicago 2023. Local 600 members hosted and participated in several classes, panels (including one on Hulu’s “The Bear”), networking events, and the Camera Olympics. Our thanks to the staff and member volunteers who helped make Local 600’s presence at FilmScape possible. See […]

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600 Black Women Los Angeles Meetup (Photo Gallery)

By | June 14, 2023

Fifty years after Jessie Maple became the first black woman to join Local 600 we see her living legacy. 600 Black Women is a collective of the 97 black women and gender non-conforming members of the IATSE Local 600. Each year the group comes together for a weekend of workshops, trainings, lectures, demonstrations, and networking […]

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Harnessing the Union’s Collective Generational Power

By | March 1, 2023

Photo by Local 600 Still Photographer Mark Hill Caroline Oelkers is determined to inject a bit of youth into Local 600’s leadership. But the 27-year-old Digital Imaging Technician also respects that she has a lot to learn about the union’s inner workings and lessons to build on from its established members. Oelkers is currently serving […]

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Paul Mailman: Incentivizing the Evergreen State

By | March 3, 2022

If the money is there, then film production will come to Washington state. For years, Paul Mailman has been making this claim. But more than talk, he has also been busy lobbying to help make it happen. A Local 600 Director of Photography and an area steward based in Washington, Mailman would like to work […]

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Saying Goodbye to Brother Lezynski

By | February 14, 2022

“David summarized his career and talent best with this quote,” says fellow Local 600 DIT Tony Salgado. “‘I can usually figure out what to do, when we don’t know what to do.’” Marin County-based Local 600 DIT David Lezynski, who passed away in September 2021, had always been a jack-of-all-trades. He worked as a soundman, […]

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Still Life: A Still Photographer Talks About His Years On-Set

By | May 4, 2021

Wynn passed on Sunday, May 2, 2021, at the age of 97. As seen in the Winter 2019 edition of Camera Angles. Wynn Hammer was not yet 30 when he joined the International Cinematographers Guild in 1953. He was a titles photographer, but needed to be a member of IATSE Local 659 to work the […]

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Embodying the Values of Unions: A Visit with Herb Harton

By | April 14, 2021

The three best and most significant decisions of Herb Harton’s life were getting married, having children and joining the union. “I attribute my success to those three decisions,” said Harton, the North Carolina-based 1st AC. “Those are the gifts that keep on giving.” In his nearly 33 years as a dues-paying union member, Harton himself […]

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Looking Forward with Richard DuCree

By | February 3, 2021

When not shooting stills for projects like Stargirl, MacGyver, Greenleaf, and Nat Geo’s Genius: Aretha (ICG Magazine May 2020), Atlanta-based still photographer Richard DuCree captures stunning images that form the crossroads of art and social justice. Recently, DuCree was hired as the official photographer to document Raphael Warnock’s Georgia senatorial campaign. “It was a big […]

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