Looking Forward with Richard DuCree

Local 600 Still Photographer DuCree Captures the Georgia Senatorial Race and the Bill Picket Rodeo Riders

February 3, 2021
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When not shooting stills for projects like Stargirl, MacGyver, Greenleaf, and Nat Geo’s Genius: Aretha (ICG Magazine May 2020), Atlanta-based still photographer Richard DuCree captures stunning images that form the crossroads of art and social justice.

Recently, DuCree was hired as the official photographer to document Raphael Warnock’s Georgia senatorial campaign. “It was a big honor to document two future senators,” (when Jon Ossoff and Warnock appeared together), DuCree shares. “And the assignment came full circle, as I began documenting John Lewis (ICG Magazine November 2020) nearly ten years ago. For me, both Warnock (who was Lewis’ pastor) and Ossoff’s (once Lewis’ intern) historical campaigns and wins represented Lewis’ civil rights legacy and hope for a better America.”

DuCree says the energy around such political campaigns was of hope and optimism for a better America. “Young and old, Black, Red, Brown, and White – various economic backgrounds coming together to show unity during the campaign,” he adds.

His most powerful memory, he explains, was Warnock quoting his father throughout the campaign with the inspiring message: “Get up… put your shoes on.”

For the past four years, DuCree has also been documenting the history of the Black Rodeo, and the Bill Picket Rodeo Riders. This year, he joined several other photographers to honor Vaquero Legacies and Diverse Descendants for a showing at The Booth Western Art Museum, in Cartersville, Georgia (February 13 through July 11, 2021.)

“The Vaquero Legacies presents color and black and white photographs of the diverse descendants of North America’s cowboy,” the long-time Atlanta resident explains. “This exhibit is a celebration of these diverse descendants, spanning ranching to rodeos and everything in between.”

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