#IASolidarity Takes Social Media By Storm

Local 600 Members Post Their Best #IASolidarity Pics in Support of Their 2021 Basic Agreement Negotiation Team

July 21, 2021
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All the Hollywood Locals, including the three national locals 600, 700 and 800, are working in solidarity to secure the best contract for our members. You can help by taking the following simple actions in support of your bargaining team:

  1. Wear an IATSE Sticker (download here) & post the photo of yourself online (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)  with the hashtag #IASolidarity. Don’t forget to tag us: @icglocal600.
  2. Let other members know about Basic Agreement negotiations and distribute stickers and materials to the IA crew at your worksite. If you need more stickers or other materials contact Kat Kepler at kkepler@icg600.com.
  3. Take a group photo of all the IATSE crew at work wearing IATSE stickers, then post it online with the hashtag #IASolidarity.

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