CineGear Atlanta 2023 (Photo Gallery)

Photos by Local 600 Still Photographer Larry Sutton

October 10, 2023
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Thanks to all who attended CineGear Atlanta on October 6-7 at Trilith Studios in Fayetteville, GA. On Friday, October 6, Local 600 and Local 479 hosted a panel Creating Sustainable Production in Atlanta, featuring Local 600 members Aiken Weiss, SOC, and Mary Stankiewicz, Camera Assistant, along with Dan Rosenfelt, co-founder of Electric Owl Studios, Susan Satterfield, PGA Atlanta co-chair & member of the PGA Green Committee, and JA Byerly, Local 479 Rigging Gaffer and Local 728 member. On Saturday, October 7,  Local 600 1st Assistants Gregory Irwin (Joker, Interstellar, Fate of the Furious) and Eric Leftridge (Captain America: Brave New World, Blue Beetle, Black Adam) shared their decades of experience on how camera department members work together to make the most complex productions seamless in a discussion about The Dynamics of a Working Camera Department. Both panels were moderated by WR Sr. Business Rep Michael Chambliss.

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