A Day in the Life with Eddy Chen

October 2, 2020
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Life during quarantine, for Eddy Chen, his wife Winnie, and their two dogs, was quiet ­– for a few months. The family sequestered in their Westside L.A. apartment, cooked, exercised, lounged, and watched TV. Walking the dogs and a trip to the market was their biggest foray out into the world. As restrictions eased, Chen visited with close friends, and walked through his neighborhood. But his life with a camera never really slowed down. “I grew up shooting film because my dad shot a lot of it when he was younger,” he shares. “While other kids got toys, I got Nikons, Nikkor glasses, and Mamiyas. It’s still my favorite medium. That’s why, all these shots from ‘stay at home’ were captured with my Contax G2 Rangefinder (introduced in 1996) and my Leica (point-and-shoot) Minilux, with Kodak and Fuji film stock.”

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