A Day in the Life of Mark Hill

October 26, 2020
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For Atlanta, GA-based Local 600 Unit Still Photographer Mark Hill, the last six months have felt, in his words, “like one very long day, punctuated by wonderful family meals, yardwork, a knee replacement, and a few rounds of socially-distanced golf.”

Hill adds that since the outset of quarantine, he’s felt “a nagging melancholy that has been exacerbated lately by our industry going back to work, while I remain too idle.” That idleness didn’t last long. Recently, Hill has been back on the set of a show in Atlanta.

To provide himself with some stability during quarantine, besides his family and friends, he turned to his camera, creating a month-by-month diary of this new COVID-19 world, and those things that would supply physical and emotional support.

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